Little Things

In keeping with Brad’s suggestion that we remember to thank God for the little things, I want to add to my list the following things.  These are considered the “little” (or normal) things in life — but actually, they’re huge.  Ask someone living in poverty if shoes are necessary, or food, shelter, clothing and medications.



Brad pointed out that his Compassion child, Sabato, needed a new pair of shoes, which Brad’s family supplied.  It caused me to get up out of my chair and go look at the photos of our Compassion children, and I discovered that Enold, of Haiti, did not have very good shoes on either.  I’m sending money to Compassion with a request that it be used for shoes for him.  How many “little” blessings around us do we take for granted?  We have such an abundance of them!  But many involve issues of life and death — food, shelter, clothing, medications.  I’m thankful I can help supply these needs for children in poverty through a company that I trust implicitly — Compassion International.

In the meantime, regarding my needs being supplied —

Thank You Lord; Thank You.


Medications for all our health needs



More clothes than we need



More than adequate shelter



An abundance of food


Also — a big thanks to Ann for starting this Gratitude Community, for sharing her tears and thanks with me (I’ve shared many over her beautiful blog), and for the warm welcome!


3 Responses to “Little Things”

  1. Beautiful…. the way your heart is seeing all these things!

    All’s grace,

  2. Greetings!
    I’m visiting from Ann Voskamp’s A Holy Experience!
    So nice to visit your blog… and your gratitude list. After a long day at school (some students are getting pretty antsy with the year almost over)… I needed these gentle reminders of God’s graciousness. Thank you !
    Many Blessings ~Maria

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